Culture Days in St. George At the Memorial Hall, 32 Main Street South Celebrate interactive arts and culture in your community! Our contribution to this national series of events is: Saturday, October 1st 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. FREE ADMISSION! LEARN ALL THE BASICS OF PIONEER BARN DANCING With MARTY PULLIN from the Sheffield Settler’s Museum of Rural Life Marty Pullin (as Jacob Sipes) recreates a real pioneer farmer who will talk to you and your children about life as a settler – and the entertainment they enjoyed. This “first-person” presenter will be dressed in authentic period costume, and participants will be encouraged to ask him questions. “Jacob” will show everyone some of his farm tools & musical instruments, and teach everyone some barn dance moves, accompanied with live fiddle & bagpipe music! For more information, please call the St. George Museum at (519) 448-3265. And look for other Culture Days events and activities throughout the Ontario and Canada!