South Dumfries Historical Society

Peeling apples for AppleFest 2017

Helping peel apples for the South Dumfries Historical Society’s apple crisp and apple muffins the last two nights are:

Left to right,
June Gardhouse, Carolyn Kelley, John MacAlpine, Kelly Warner and Dr. Patricia McClure.
Thanks to everyone for their hard work for our Applefest fundraiser. They peeled 11 bushels of Courtland apples from Brantwood Farms. We hope to see you Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5 in front of the Memorial Hall. Muffins $2,  apple crisp to eat on the go $4 and a pan to take home, $12. Supplies graciously donated by Richi Milk in St. George.

AppleFest 2017

Tablecloth #1 ready for applecrisp and muffins for our booth at AppleFest this Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 10-5 in front of the Memorial Hall.

Muffins: $2

Bowl of applecrisp : $4

Pan of applecrisp: $12

See you at AppleFest